BriarBrothers Golf


Good beer and golf go hand in hand. At BriarBrothers, we believe that some of the best days in the Buffalo summer are spent on the brewery patio or teeing off at your favorite WNY course. We're embracing that lifestyle with BriarBrothers Golf, the collective focus on one of the region's favorite pasttimes. Featuring everything from our summer golf league to special edition golf apparel, we want to make sure our golf-loving brewery-goers can connect amongst the community, hit the links, and have plenty of delicious swing oil while they're at it.

Check back for the lastest happenings, new merch, and everything that the BriarBrothers Golf community has to offer.


BriarBrothers Golf Swag

It should be of no surprise that we love the game of golf. Sadly the game doesn’t love us back but we’ve all been apart of some complicated relationships right…? The BriarBrothers Brewing UNRL golf apparel collection showcases the perfect fusion of our two worlds - craft beer and golf. We absolutely love the way these items turned out, brandished with our BriarBrothers Golf logo, each piece combines style, comfort, and functionality for everyone! Hoodies and quarter zip sweatshirts are available starting today in the taproom! We have a limited amount of these items but will be happy to order when these get low. Be sure to ask your server for any additional sizes or colors that might be available! Cheers to golf course beers!


BriarBrothers Summer 2023 Golf League


Enrollment for the inaugural BriarBrothers Summer Golf League is now closed! We’re looking forward to seeing you on the course! Grab a partner and compete in our 12-week, nine hole golf league at South Park Golf Course, Thursday evenings starting on May 25th. An hour-long block of tee times starts at 5pm sharp, with season-long pairings matched up for best ball-style play. Registration is $100 and includes league fees, prizes for the top team and golfer, end-of-season banquet, and a premium BriarBrothers-branded golf polo. Weekly greens fees will be due to the course each week upon check-in. League points are awarded based on participation, engagement, and weekly-match play. League-handicap will be applied.


Week Two Tee Sheet

5:15pm - Stray Cat Slicers vs Breakfast Balls
5:21pm - Swingers vs Savages D
5:27pm - Spud Buds vs 2 Balls, 1 Cup
5:33pm - Twin Towers vs I Am Number 4
5:39pm - LGL vs Gruesome Twosome
5:45pm - The Dix vs HJ
5:51pm - Bar Over Par vs Savages

Week Three Tee Sheet

5:15pm - Bar Over Par vs Twin Towers
5:21pm - HJ vs Swingers
5:27pm - Savages D vs Stray Cat Slicers
5:33pm - LGL vs Spud Buds
5:39pm - 2 Balls, 1 Cup vs The Dix
5:45pm - Savages vs Gruesome Twosome
5:51pm - I Am Number 4 vs Breakfast Balls

Week Four Tee Sheet

6/15/23 5:15pm - Swingers vs 2 Balls, 1 Cup
5:21pm - Breakfast Balls vs Bar Over Par
5:27pm - Spud Buds vs Gruesome Twosome
5:33pm - The Dix vs LGL
5:39pm - I Am Number 4 vs Savages D
5:45pm - Twin Towers vs Savages
5:51pm - Stray Cat Slicers vs HJ

Week Five Tee Sheet

5:15 - Savage D v Bar over Par
5:21 - Breakfast Balls v Twin Towers
5:27 - Savages v Spud Buds
5:33 - Gruesome Twosome v The Dix
5:39 - 2 Balls, 1 Cup v Stray Cat Slicers
5:45 - I Am Number 4 v HJ
5:51 - LGL v Swingers

Week 6 Tee Sheet

5:15 - The Dix vs Spud Buds
5:21 - Twin Towers vs Savages D
5:27 - Swingers Gruesome Twosome
5:33 - 2 Balls, 1 Cup vs I Am Number 4
5:39 - Breakfast Balls vs Savages
5:45 - Stray Cat Slicers vs LGL
5:51 - Bar over Par vs HJ

Week 7 Tee Sheet

5:15 - Gruesome Twosome vs Stray Cat Slicers
5:21 - Savages vs The Dix
5:27 - Savages D vs Breakfast Balls
5:33 - LGL vs I Am Number 4
5:39 - 2 Balls, 1 Cup vs Bar Over Par
5:45 - HJ vs Twin Towers
5:51 - Spud Buds vs Swingers

Week 8 Tee Sheet

5:15 - Savages D Pair #2 v 2 balls one cup
5:21 - Bar over Par v Gruesome Twosome
5:27 - Breakfast Balls v THE DIX
5:33 - HJ v LGL - Ladies Golf League
5:39 - I am number 4 v Savages
5:45 - Swingers v Twin Towers
5:51 - Stray Cat Slicers v Spud Buds

Week 10 Tee Sheet

5:15 - THE DIX v Twin Towers
5:21 - Swingers v Stray Cat Slicers
5:27 - I am number 4 v Spud Buds
5:33 - Breakfast Balls v Gruesome Twosome
5:39 - LGL - Ladies Golf League v Bar over Par
5:45 - HJ v 2 balls one cup
5:51 - Savages D Pair #2 v Savages

Week 11 Tee Sheet

5:15 - Swingers v Savages
5:21 - Spud Buds v Savages D Pair #2
5:27 - Stray Cat Slices v I am number 4
5:33 - HJ v Gruesome Twosome
5:39 - 2 balls one cup v Twin Towers
5:45 - Bar over Par v THE DIX
5:51 - LGL - Ladies Golf League v Breakfast Ball

Week 12 Tee Sheet

5:15 - LGL - Ladies Golf League v 2 balls one cup
5:21 - I am number 4 v THE DIX
5:27 - HJ v Savages
5:33 - Twin Towers vs Gruesome Twosome
5:39 - Savages D Pair #2 v Stray Cat Slicers
5:45 - Spud Buds v Breakfast Balls
5:51 - Bar over Par v Swingers

Week 9 Tee Sheet - Moved To Week 13

7/20/23 Moved To 8/17/23
5:15 - 2 balls one cup v Gruesome Twosome
5:21 - Breakfast Balls v HJ
5:27 - Bar over Par v I am number 4
5:33 - Twin Towers v Spud Buds
5:39 - THE DIX v Swingers
5:45 - Stray Cat Slicers v Savages
5:51 - Savages D Pair #2 v LGL - Ladies Golf League