The Best Spot To Watch Formula 1 Racing In Buffalo!

Join Us For The Race!

The most anticipated Formula 1 season to date is happening at BriarBrothers Brewing Company! Join us to catch all of the fast paced action amongst fellow fans while enjoying some early morning beers. Each race, you can spin the wheel for a chance to win a free beer based on what happens in the race.

Each race, we gather to watch Max Verstappen pull away from the pack, Nicholas Latifi forget how to drive, Fernando Alonso continue to toy with the field, and Ferrari act like they have no idea what they're doing. Doors open a half hour before lights out and the beers start flowing at 10am. Breakfast is available in the form of breakfast pizza but, as always, outside food is welcomed and encouraged!

Upcoming Formula 1 Schedule:

  • Sunday Sept 4 - 9am: Dutch Grand Prix
  • Sunday Sept 11 - 9am: Italian Grand Prix
  • Sunday Oct 2 - 8am: Singapore Grand Prix
  • Sunday Oct 9 - 1am: Japanese Grand Prix
  • Sunday Oct 23 - 3pm: United States Grand Prix
  • Sunday Oct 30 - 4pm: Mexico Grand Prix
  • Sunday Nov 13 - 1pm: Brazil Grand Prix
  • Sunday Nov 20 - 8am: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Want To Learn More About Formula 1?

Check out what's new in 2022 in this video, check out Drive To Survive on Netflix, or stop by! There are plenty of fans happy to share their knowledge of the sport!