Savages Hockey Club

Made up of a group of tough, no-nonsense hockey players who are just as passionate about their love of the game as they are about enjoying a cold brew after the final whistle blows. That's the Savages Hockey Club. Sponsored by BriarBrothers Brewing Company, this rag tag group of ice warriors go hard, both on and off the ice. Never known to back down from a physical battle, or a bucket of beers, BriarBrothers is proud to partner with the team to showcase our brand and serve as the inspiration for one of our most popular beers - the Savages Kolsch.

Whether they're crushing their opponents on the rink or kicking back with a cold one at the bar, the Savages are a force to be reckoned with. If you're a fan of tough, competitive hockey and a cold brew, this is the team for you.


Savages Kölsch

BriarBrothers x Savages Hockey Club Collab

BriarBrothers and Savages teamed up to create a beer that drops the mitts and hits you in the mouth like an elbow from the top rope! This kolsch can be best described as ALL GAS NO BRAKES. This beer is a refreshing and crisp kolsch-style ale, with a smooth, easy-drinking finish. It's the perfect beer to enjoy while cheering on the Savages from the stands or to suck down after you and the boys do some damage in the barn. Guaranteed to have you buzzing on and off the ice.

Savages reps the home team's colors and attitude. Stop by to grab some before you head down to the HarborCenter for their latest tilt.

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold.