Nickel City Cigars is one of the premier boutique cigar shops in the City of Buffalo. Located at 284 Franklin St. (next to the Buffalo Chophouse), the location features a private cigar lounge and walk-in humidor that features a huge collection of cigars of varying tastes and styles. 

Nickel City Cigars has partnered with BriarBrothers Brewing Company across various events, including BriarBrothers vendor markets, events at Nickel City Cigars, sit-downs on the Unicorn Slayer podcast, and more. 

Throughout the summer, if you bring a receipt from BriarBrothers to Nickel City Cigars (or vice versa), you can get a free cigar (or beer) during your visit. It's our way of supporting small business and encouraging collaboration between two small businesses hoping to continue to grow their footprint in Western New York.