Small Batch Beer, Big Time Flavor

BriarBrothers Brewing Company is a family-owned and operated microbrewery that was started in Buffalo, NY. We have not yet opened doors to a facility but have been producing and perfecting small-batch beer recipes since January 2018. With your help, we hope to pour delicious craft beer into your pints by the fall of 2021!


The two co-founders, Joel and Dylan Betti are brothers who grew up in Western New York. If you know Joel or Dylan, it'll come as no surprise that beer is their passion! Ranging anywhere from Genesee Light on Buffalo Bills Sundays to bringing a growler of whatever's fresh from the local beer shop for Thanksgiving dinner, both brothers were always the ones you could count on to make sure your hand was never empty. Procrastinating holiday shopping in 2017, Joel was running out of ideas as to what to buy Dylan. In a last ditch effort, Joel picked up a "Make Your Own Beer" kit and topped it with a bow. The box was put into the coat closet and there it sat for months until a blizzard like day. Having nothing else to do, Joel and Dylan fired up the stove and made the very first batch of BriarBrothers beer! After a handful of brew days and hours of researching, the batches continued to improve and the dream to open a brewery was born! If you'd like to hear more about the BriarBrothers family, their start and where they're headed, please listen or watch their interview with Buffalo Happy Hour!


BriarBrothers Brewing Company currently operates on a 1 barrel system. Brewing at this size allows BriarBrothers the ability to design, test and perfect a wide variety of recipes. Between your common Pilsner and Lager to fruited sours and milkshake IPA's even imperial stouts with a handful of different adjuncts. The desired size of the brewhouse will be a 5 barrel system. This modest upgrade will continue to allow the brewers to operate and focus on the ingredients and the process to ensure the best product possible. This size will also allow the brewery to have four core beers and the ability to brew many trial batches in order to keep the local beer scene fresh and flavorful!